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with Stan Phelps and David Rendall

Join me, Elaine Lindsay  and my amazing guests, each and every one of which bring their passion, their story many times sharing with you some really bang-on AHA moments!!  
You will enjoy each guest as they share their lives with you. 

Are you an author, like Mark Babbitt (Only one of the hats he wears so well), Ted Coiné, Julien Smith, Stan Phelps?

Are you a Spoken Word genius like Poetic Voice, Sekou Andrews?  

Are you a Chef, like Larry Fournillier (in Trinidad where he cooks up a storm)?

Are you a well-known digital powerhouse like Chris Brogan or Ted Rubin? 

Are you a phenomenal singer-songwriter, like Daria Musk?

Are you a producer, like Kevin Booth?

Or are you a local phenom like The Holistic Missile: Patricia Wall?

Are you a thought leader in your own niche?

Have an amazing business story to tell?  

Join me and share your journey...

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Mark Babbitt Author Mentor Speaker amazing guest-BBPTVShow-2-25-15
Ted Rubin on BBPTV Show with host Elaine Lindsay
david-amerland-author speaker-journalist
Stan Phelps guest BBPTV Show with host Elaine Lindsay
Shawn-murphy-author-The Optimistic Workplace Speaker
Chris Brogan Author Speaker CEO of Human Biz Works BBPTVShow

​Our amazing guests come from all walks of life. Business is the common thread. Curiosity is what drives me, your host,  Elaine Lindsay  pull up a chair  and come on a journey with me...

I often say I'm the 2nd most curious person on the planet! Who's the first you ask??
Well I'm not  exactly sure, yet I bet  
they're in Texas right? 
Join me, Elaine Lindsay as I share a chat with my amazing guests who offer us, their digital adventures and Aha! moments on the BBPTVShow