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Cathy Demers

Cathy-Demers-Motivational-resources-Orange-shirtCathy Demers co-founded a company with a tiny $10K investment and turned it into a company worth over 20 million dollars!

Winner of the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award (Western Canada), Cathy has amassed over 25 years in business development from Microsoft, IBM, and as co-founder of The Electric Mail Company, Inc. This company was successfully listed as a stock exchange traded company while Cathy served as President and CEO.

Cathy has presented keynotes and courses for organizations worldwide including the Women Presidents’ Organization, Wired Women, Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems, the BC Technology Industry Association and the National Research Council of Canada.

Cathy Demers is also the founder of the popular weekly expert interview series: The Business Success Cafe…the Perfect Coffee Break for Small Business Owners.

With over 100 interviews of global business experts under her belt, and a system for delivering top-notch weekly education that is running like a well-oiled machine, Cathy is an expert on how to create an ongoing expert interview series that creates impressive results.

An expert Business Strategist and Success Coach Cathy provides both group coaching for small business owners on the way up, as well as private coaching for those who are looking to add rocket fuel to their results! Known for her direct, but friendly and supportive, style as well as her business savvy and her “let’s get ‘er done”  approach, Cathy combines the wisdom that comes from her vast business experience with her unique talent for helping business owners clients get clear…stay focused…take inspired action…and get fantastic results!

What we’ll be talking about on this #BBPTVShow:

  • Cathy Demers’s areas of expertise
  • The passion that drives Cathy
  • The take-away you will be able to implement immediately

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