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Our Guest: Jennifer Clark

Energy Mechanic |Soulutions Provider | Career Navigator | Creative Catalyst | Social Architect | TV Show Host | Book Author | Dream Enabler | Game Changer | Evolving Human

Take-aways from the show

Jennifer suggests you try this to make the holiday season a bit less stressful: Ask yourself….will this activity/time serve me, will it bring something beautiful into my life?
Life moments to check you in
Don't follow the money…follow the heart, follow the joy. Hand on the heart, ask the question, the answer will come... Be present in the moment!​

​Helping you give wings to your dreams  

Jennifer Clark is a former Canadian certified Risk Manager who has worked in the business community for 15 years in business development and account management. She then turned her attention to privately coaching aspiring grassroots entrepreneurs on how to develop their businesses and ideas, shift limiting beliefs and attitudes, develop effective and efficient branding and marketing plans and how to bootstrap their businesses. Jennifer works with individuals, groups and organizations that need a change from within to help them create harmony, results and financial flow. As an avid student of the millionaire mind, Jennifer has actively studied successful people and their habits. She could sense a flow or energy around successful people and knew that there was something more to creating opportunity, good luck and success. As an professional energy worker, her latent intuitive skills opened up to reveal invisible worlds of higher vibration and flow. This esoteric information was somewhat new to her but having a "beginner's mind set" she knew she did not know what she did not know and sought out the best in the world in the fields of energy, spirituality, coaching, empowerment, human potential, leadership, business, healing, conscious parenting and conscious communication to better understand life, the universe and everything. Jennifer is known as Ottawa's Business Intuitive. Jennifer Clark's "Jen's Zen" represents the perfect union of mind, body and spirit, marrying the esoteric and the concrete into harmonious union. In just one hour, she can help her client shift blocks, get clarity and offers unique out of the box solutions and suggestions for success.

What we'll be talking about on this #BBPTVShow:

  • Jennifer's areas of expertise
  • The passion that drives Jennifer
  • The take-away you will be able to implement immediately
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