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Rebekkah-hanson-bbptvshow-2016Rebekkah Hanson

Astrologer, Numerologist, Intuitive at Abundance Astrologer

Rebekkah’s talent is in Empowerment! Astrology and Numerology are the modalities. And it is a way to impact humanity!

Once Rebekkah embraced her own Power, the Astrology piece fell into place. Rebekkah only had to do her own inner work first! (By the way, Rebekkah’s own growth is always evolving!) The trick was to align all the pieces… “That can be as easy or difficult as we choose, it depends on how flexible we are and how much insight we have.”

I coach highly conscious individuals and business owners with this insight and will assist you in stepping into alignment.”

“Because of the Law of Attraction, opportunities open up around you once you’re in touch with your Authenticity. The rest is up to you. You will learn to trust your own intuition and shift WILL happen!”

The need to help humanity has taken Rebekkah on many travels including working with the indigenous tribes in Costa Rica, constructing a Home for Humanity for an Orphanage in Zambia and teaching business women in Zimbabwe.

Rebekkah has been an Intuitive all her life, an Astrologer for over 40 years and in the last few years added Numerology for greater depth.

Rebekkah says “Here’s to your clarity, insight and abundance…

What we’ll be talking about on this #BBPTVShow:

  • Rebekkah’s areas of expertise
  • The passion that drives Rebekkah Hanson
  • The take-away you will be able to implement immediately

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