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#BBPShow1017 Sekou Andrews voice, n.
Honoured to have met Sekou, at the eWomen Networking Convention 2013 in Dallas, I was excited to talk with him on the show. He radiates a deep caring and concern for humanity and his Awesome Anthem is Inspiring

Show aired on Oct 17 at 2PM EST

Sekou Andrews voice, n.Sekou-andrews-poetic-voice-oprah-winfrey-2015

A new breed of artist and speaker who gives voice to your most powerful story, and shows you the best version of yourself to help you live into it.

When Sekou Andrews tells people that, before creating a new inspirational speaker category, he was a successful “full-time poet,” you would think that he had said “full-time mermaid,” or “freelance unicorn” based on the reactions he gets. But the truth is no less fantastical. A week in the life of the world’s #1 Poetic Voice could find him presenting a customized talk for international executives, giving the keynote at a business conference, and performing poems for Barack Obama in Oprah Winfrey’s backyard…

Creator of Poetic Voice speaking, Sekou partners w/ brands to electrify events, transform audiences, turn messages 2 anthems, & give inspirational voice to stories.

Check back here for more info and updates on #AwesomeAnthem  we will be providing the dates and info to get yours


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