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#BBPTV320  with Kathie Donovan

Her book  Inspiration in Action A Woman’s Guide to Happiness

Kathie’s blog 

I believe in the power of my dreams. I’ve always had a beautiful collection and for the most part they have come true, often in ways I could not have imagined. Because I recognize that I have carved out the path I am on with my thoughts, I call myself a life artist. I believe that we are all creative souls and I am certain that we produce our future with the thoughts we choose. This is how the law of attraction works.
I believe in miracles: both the life-changing brighter than northern lights kind and the pocket-sized everyday kind. I believe in the power of gratitude, courage, kindness and forgiveness. I am a student and a teacher of the law of attraction; I am a mentor and facilitator. I am also a joy spreader and a lover of life.

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