#BBPTV424-Stephanie Nivinskus

#BBPTV-Stephanie Nivinskus

Author ‘Little Marketing Steps BIG RESULTS ‘

Over the course of her 20 year-long marketing career, Stephanie Nivinskus has developed and implemented business-building solutions for companies including Starbucks, Sprint, Exxon-Mobile, The National Football League, The Body Shop and Cox Communications—along with hundreds of smaller companies.

Leveraging the power of digital and traditional media, she positions brands at the center of the marketplace. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Her story, “Confessions of a Former MLM Snob” is published in Chicken Soup For The Network Marketer’s Soul.

Since 2009, Stephanie has been solving marketing puzzles exclusively for the small business community as the President of Impressions Marketing Studio.

She’s passionate about her work and even more passionate about her family—which includes her husband of 14 years and their 4 fabulous children.

Stephanie Nivinskus
Impressions Marketing Studio


Authenticity, Business Tips, collaboration, community, leadership, Sizzle Force, Social media, Stephanie Nivinskus

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