#BBPTV821 Keith Keller

#BBPTV821 Keith Keller

Global Twitter Marketing
I always want to know WHY? This weeks guest is all about Twitter and I want to hear all about it!




This was Keith’s 1st interview in a Google+ hangout on AIR…



“If Twitter & Google hooked up & had a love child 
I think it would be Keith Keller”
Kasey Chambers:  Australian Singer/Songwriter

Keith Keller - Twitter Marketing Specialist (2014)


(Left) Keith Keller 2014

Keith let us know he had tried his hand
at radio back in the day (1982)!

Keith Keller is now well known internationally as
 “The Global Twitter Marketing Specialist”

He has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars, webinars and across the US & Canada, UK & Europe, as well as Australasia.

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