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Patricia-Wall-TTLO Inc energy work- Self-mastery-tools-meditationMy son Ryan Lindsay calls her ‘The Holistic Missile’.

She gave me the tools I needed to take my life into my own hands. Self-Mastery is available to each of us.  Patricia wall has the tools and the power to give you what you need to cut through the excuses, the crap, the more me..  I only skim the surface here as Patricia’s talents are so far beyond these mere words. Many find her insight terrifying. I can say, if you walk through the fire you will come out more…better… alive on the other side.

Patricia says “My goal is to help you remove the barriers and limits you thought couldn’t be changed. I know that this may seem impossible now, but I have learned to use this process to achieve my personal goals and I have been blessed with helping others succeed in ways they couldn’t imagine.

My work is a gateway to possibility. I help people discover and access choices that were not available because of limitations they couldn’t control  –  choices that are right for their happiness, whatever that means to them. This is not a happy pill, or a quick fix. It requires effort. The best part is that it doesn’t take much effort to get results, and that inspires doing more.”



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