Wanda Malfara Photographer

Our Guest: Wanda Malfara Divalicious Photographer!

Sadly Wanda passed away 
August 2 2020

From 2013 

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 The end of wanda's elevator speech was this ...“I’m Wanda Malfara, and I shoot people for a living”


I have enjoyed many achievements in my life and am grateful for each of them – even my failures because through them I grew and stretched. But aside from adopting my two daughters – nothing fills me with such excitement and sense of accomplishment and purpose as helping women transform their perception of themselves and find their true inner beauty, freeze it for them and present it to them as a gift to cherish their whole lives. When a client says to me “feeling beautiful today made me feel like I can conquer anything!!” I want to bow my head in reverent gratitude for being a part of this amazing process. Sometimes I wish I were filthy rich so I wouldn’t even have to charge for this (…but I’m not….just sayin’). 

What humbles me the most is the trust my clients give me – to coax, ever so gently – their fragile, beautiful selves out and encourage it to bloom and embrace all its fullness and magnificence. It’s an amazing experience to be part of. The connection I have with my clients is sacred and makes the whole experience much more than just a photo shoot – much more than just taking a photograph.

Celebrating … beauty!

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