Customer Service: Excellence is the Key

People do business with people they Know Like and Trust. Excellent Customer Service is based on this principle.The customer service experience is the most important factor in customer retention.

After all, what is it the customer really wants?
More products?         Better pricing?           More add-ons?

In the opening of Mike Stelzner’s book Launch, he says…“People want valuable insight, access to great people and recognition before they want products and services.”

In the customer relationship, (YES every interaction between people creates a relationship) where that relationship goes; or if it goes anywhere; depends on YOU the customer.


Ultimately YOU are 100% responsible for your part in any transaction.

Each of us wants one thing over all: To know YOU MATTER!

When you boil it down to the basics: When you are interacting with a large corporation, the government, your neighbour, your friend, family or your significant other, you just want to be seen and heard!

To Master Customer Service Excellence your customer MUST know that they MATTER!

Our company TROOL Social Media can teach YOU and/or your team, to Master Customer Service Excellence – NOW.

We help connect you, with everything you need, to build stronger relationships with your customers and help your business achieve your goals.



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