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Our Guest: Blaise Hunter
Author | Award Winning Advocate | International Speaker | Fertility Expert |

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Thursday Aug 13th

Founder of the Heroine Movement and CEO of Blaise the Trail inc Consulting Agency. 

Blaise tackles the realities of issues women face from body image and self-esteem, to motherhood and infertility. She pushes back on the pressures of perfectionism women face in today’s world. Blaise’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves and breathe their passion like fire. 


Blaise found her way out of the darkness and transformed her pain into her purpose.

Her quest is to help women unleash the power of vulnerability to become their own hero and birth their destiny. 

Blaise has spoken on stages in Los Angeles, Las Vegas,and New York as well as throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. She has empowered women alongside Oprah’s “South African Daughters” and makes an impact wherever she goes. Blaise also recently launched a new podcast that breaks the silence barriers on taboo topics. 

You can Follow Blaise on Social Media  and check out her Website and her Blaise the Trail Podcast


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