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Our Guest: Jason Moss
                           Personal Chef

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Nov 19 

For over 20 years Jason has been falling in love with food. Knowing how food works and how it benefits the body is of special interest to him. As an athlete, he developed a personal style of cooking and eating to keep himself performing at the highest level that he could. 

Jason says...

Eating healthy should not be a bland boring experience and this has been my mission for that last few years to show that you can eat well, with taste, flair, and most importantly-perform at the peak of your ability. 


Jason was not always on the path of health and wellness,  2009 was a milestone year in his life. Jason's son was just born, and personally, he was at a crossroad in his life, Jason was almost 300 pounds and was totally unhappy with most aspects of his life. 

Jason's  true love and passion has and always will be cooking, and he is grateful to be able to combine his love of healthy living and cooking now to help others live the best life that they can. 

In Jason's mind, there is nothing better than helping people learn that they can be healthy and still eat awesome food. Sharing his passion with his clients on a daily basis is a dream come true.


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