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Our Guest: Sharon Dmake

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December 3rd,
3pm ET 
[8 pm in Ireland]

Sharon D spent most of her life feeling like she didn't fit in, it was turning 40 when she realised she didn't fit in because she was born to stand out.

Now Sharon has reached a level of Self Love that brings empowerment she knows her purpose in life is to empower others. A self confessed rebel,
Sharon ran her first triathlon size 18, became the first ever Miss Curves Ireland aged 40, Set up a curvy convention because she didn't see clothes represented well on curvy women damaging peoples mental health, started her own online show called On The Plusside as she wanted to be a presenter but making no head way in the usual route, having dyslexia ... umm well here's the book and amongst other things is a mother of 7 when as a child she never planned to have any children!


BELIEVE THE DREAM  this dyslexic gal becomes a published co-author...(Update Sharon became a number 1 best selling Co-Author!) 

Alongside 22 other inspirational women, LOVE THY BODY, Real Life Stories Vol 1 is the much awaited first in a series of books designed to uplift, support and show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Overcoming depression, body dysmorphia, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic abuse and much more these 23 inspirational women share their stories on overcoming adversity and their journey to self-love.

Kindle and paperback available from Amazon CLICK HERE TO BUY  

Irelands Got Curves is a annual body positive event showcasing self love! Irelands Got Curves FB Page is also home to our weekly online show On The Plusside every Wednesday at 8pm. Join us On The Plusside!

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