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Dec 17th, 3PM ET 

The sun hasn't come up yet.  The chill of the morning still catches my breath.  I'm on my way to a local barn.  Today's job is cleaning/trimming/sorting and piling barn board for a client.  The day before that, saving a porch from a local house that was being torn down.

I have been saving material from older buildings for 20 years.  From tin ceilings to newel posts, windows, doors, hardware, floor grates, and much more.  My main goal is to find a new home for the salvage and give it a second life.

From picking through an ancient farm dump, crawling into the space under an old house, sorting through items in an antique barn, or treasure hunting in a closed industrial building.  I love salvage.


I design and build with salvage material saved from older homes.  I do restoration work and customs builds.  Everything from sourcing material for clients to installation and much more.  Call me Salvage Cowboy.  You can find out more on Facebook at Salvage Cowboy - Maker and Trade.

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