E111 Goodbye 2020 Comedy Salutes this SHIT Year!

Our Guests: Judy Croon, Lisa Gay Tremblay, John Wing, Angelo Tsarouchas, Cathy Ladman, Anna Gustafson... and Carla Collins

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Date and Time   Dec 31st   3PM ET

2020's been a total shit-show of a year.. With the politics, the pandemic, and the puzzling attitudes of those who seem to have no consideration for others... We need a bit of laughter to finish the year off... And I do mean finish off! As in BUH BYE  

I say Let's boot this biatch of a year!! And start fresh!!   #Kick2020totheCurb  #2020YouOutaHere  

There's nothing like a little humour/humor to make things better.. if only for a minute!! 

Join me, your host with a bevvy of comedy geniuses to take a stab, land a swift kick, or otherwise send this shitty, stressful, and super frustrating year on it's way!!!


Angelo Tsarouchas, bye-bye 2020, Canada Comedy Legends, Carla Collins, Cathy Ladman, Comedy, COVID19, John Wing, Judy Croon, Lisa Gay Tremblay, pandemic, shit year

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