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Our Guest: Fiona Robertson

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May 13 at 3PM ET

Fiona says ….PRACTICAL MAGIC sets you FREE

Fiona Robertson is The Body Whisperer. She is an intuitive health and life worth living coach and healer. Fiona is adept at helping you access your own Practical Magic. It's right at your fingertips. 

She speaks the language of the body and has helped thousands reconnect with their body, and understand their own intuitive guidance coming directly through as physical symptoms, financial issues, and with relationship conflicts as messages from your soul.

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Fiona gets to the heart of the matter with health, and physical symptoms. From weight to sciatica, unraveling the signs she receives as she guides you to do the same.

Fiona changes your perceptions of the problems and the struggles you face.  Presenting them in a way that allows you to see them as the gift they came to show you. Then you can quickly and easily evolve past the thought, emotion or energy creating the problem. 

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