E121 Darpan Ahluwalia

Our Guest: Darpan Ahluwalia
RHN, CBA, TNDon-Call™

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Date and Time  •  June 24  •  3 pm ET

The Total Nutrition, Body & Blood Hacker

“Getting to the root cause of your body's imbalance comes from understanding how the body absorbs nutrients."~ @DarpanTNDoC

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Darpan is a certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) Certified Live Blood Analyst, (CBA), and Health Product Knowledge ExpertShe can look at a client’s blood under a microscope to see how it is processing nutrients, determine how balanced the entire digestive system is functioning, the overall health of the client, and make supplement recommendations that best work for their unique makeup. "Understanding your health is all about understanding how your body is able to absorb nutrients". Darpan’s health knowledge and protocols have had clients seek her out from across the globe. 

A philanthropist, partnering and supporting many local charities the Total Nutrition Diva is always on the go yet somehow manages to remain present for each life she touches.

Darpan's Mission

Accessible, supportive guidance in nutritious eating practices.

Darpan Says... "You are what you absorb!"

Call @DarpanTNDoC - +1 (613) 804-2378

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