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January 25
 3pm ET

Michelle Calloway is a Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and the Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an augmented reality marketing company. She is driven to success in response to a calling she believes has been placed in her life. Her goal is to make augmented reality experiences available to everyone, no matter the budget, and ultimately fulfilling a higher purpose than herself here on earth.

Her vision of REVEALiO™ became clear when she witnessed the powerful heartfelt connection that took place when a deployed U.S. soldier received a REVEALiO™ greeting card from his girlfriend. When the card “came alive” with her talking to him on the card, it rocked him to his core and made him feel as if she was right there with him. He folded it up and carried with him from then on. This powerful human response is what inspired Michelle Calloway to develop and launch REVEALiO™ – Cards That Come Alive

Michelle has co-authored two books focused on what inspires and drives her to success. Discover Your Inspiration, an International Best Seller on Amazon, and Rock Your Life, coming this fall.

Michelle is a part of Tech With Heart a growing community of heart-centered business owners who want to enhance their human relationships using technology.

The heart of business is people. This community encourages nurturing business relationships in a way that is authentic, caring, yet disruptive and different.  


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