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May 5th

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Silver Goldfish: Loud & Clear: The 10 Keys to Delivering Memorable Business Presentations

Silver Goldfish is Stan Phelps latest in the Goldfish series, co-authored with Alan Hoffler, joins Elaine to talk all about it. The book strategically launches on 5/5/20 which means it will be out there when we are on the show!


Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is a Global Speaker Delivering Keynotes & Workshops That Drive Differentiation, Loyalty and Sales challenges leaders to think differently about their most important stakeholders: customers and employees.

A masterful storyteller, he has collected over 5,100 case studies on customer experience, employee engagement, technology, differentiation, leadership, and purpose. His keynotes and workshops keep audiences engaged and deliver actionable ideas that drive loyalty and sales. 

He is the author of the Purple Goldfish Book Series:


Alan Hoffler

Alan Hoffler is the Executive Director and Principal Trainer at MillsWyck Communications. Raised around America's Space Program, Alan Hoffler has earned degrees in aerospace engineering and applied mathematics, but his true passion is teaching.

What's our greatest fear as human beings? It's even greater than death. It's called glossophobia . . . the fear of public speaking and presenting. 

The book unveils the 10 keys to delivering memorable business presentations. Specifically, how you can come across "Loud" and "Clear" when presenting. Loud refers to your ability to connect with the audience and rise above distractions. Clear is the ability to organize your message in a way that's remember-able. 

The video highlights 10 tips:
1. Impress - How should you dress?
2. Connect - The difference between facts and stories.
3. Express - What's the importance of body language and tone when communicating feelings?
4. Facilitate - How to handle Q&A?
5. Entertain - Why you should heed the 10-minute rule of engagement?
6. Objective - What's the most important thing you need to find when presenting?
7. Simplify - When communicating, what's the magic number?
8. Outline - How to use the Rule of 1/3rds to maximize your preparation time?
9. Visualize - How you can put more power into your PowerPoints? 10. Time - What's the cardinal rule of presenting?

Ready to up your presentation game? Join us here, on 5/5/20 Launch  Day for Silver Goldfish.

NOTE: The book includes the Silver Presentation Matrix

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