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The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a necessity for so many Type 1 diabetics.  Here in Ottawa, Canada the office is staffed by TROOL-Y dedicated people. Like Sabrina Lemay. Sabrina is a go-getter, she’s always thinking on her feet. Always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to get the word out about their fundraising initiatives.

The Challenge

I met this young millennial at an event a few years ago. It seems that Sabrina took my talk about video being the next iteration of the internet to heart: this was in 2014. Sabrina wanted to see what I could offer in terms of a marketing initiative for their ‘TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes’.  We decided to do a video interview.

I wanted to interview the Youth Ambassador to help get the word out about the Walk.  I believed the video could help get a great turn out for the Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes.

The Solution

Hearing the story of living with Type 1 Diabetes from Reid Somma, a well spoken young man who was managing his diabetes and his life in junior high school. video is a powerful medium and we all know that you can connect more closely, and empathize with someone who you feel comfortable with. Someone who is real. Reid was a great first interview.

Sabrina was back early the next year and this time she had a new youth Ambassador and the hope that i could also interview the Ottawa Family Chair for the Telus Walk.  We have gone on to also set up a great video that shows you how to fund-raise at the grassroots level, for the parents and friends of kids living with Type 1.

JDRF does more than the Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes. In 2016 we added the Revolution RIDE which takes place in the fall.

Christopher Rae JDRF AmbassadorRevolution Ride to Defeat diabetes Oct 6 2016

 And now in 2016 Reid Somma is an  Ambassador for the  JDRF Revolution Ride 

I am so honoured to continue my association with JDRF and to date have met so many incredible guests – My aim for them all: Let’s turn Type 1 diabetes into Type NONE with your support we can make it happen in our lifetime.  Thank you

For more information and to register go to http://JDRF.ca/walk  and please donate as every bit helps!

Enjoy the videos of the youth ambassadors, the family chairs and the other ambassadors I have had the great fortune to have met through JDRF…

Reid Somma 2014Mackenzie Huggins | Eric Sears |  Dylan  Adams & his mom Trudy The Family Chair  Ottawa 2015 | Kathleen Bouchard Ottawa 2016 |Rebecca Azar Ottawa 2017


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